Our Promise to You!

Our promise to you!

Our promise to you is that we have our hands in 100% of every item ordered and manufactured that you see on our site. Unlike other sites we take great pride in making and designing each and every one of the personalized gifts we offer.
Many sites claim to have “unique” one of a kind gifts, but in fact most of those sites are known as “product brokers” and most have never touched, seen, handled or even looked into whether it is a good gift item. They just all use the same verbiage and photos, and then once you place your order, they place the same order with another company and that company will ship your item directly from their warehouse to your home. The company that claims to have unique one of a kind monogrammed gifts really don’t. What they really have is the same items as most gift sites, mark up the price so that they make a profit and never once really knowing if that item is really what that company is really selling or what they say they are selling! Could you also believe that these so called “unique” gift sites have actually taken credit in many well know periodicals that photos of monogrammed gifts are actually theirs and that they were the ones who made, designed and manufactured it themselves! When in fact they just picked up the phone or logged onto a site and placed the order for the item and have never even touched it!
You can be assured that once you place your order with Sew Girlie Inc. that a highly trained Sew Girlie employee is making your item in their studios and they have made sure that your item is done correctly and with great pride! We only hire and train the best so that you can be sure you are getting the BEST we have to offer! Better yet we are proudly operated in here in the USA, which should make you feel even better about buying from us!
We appreciate your business and understand that you have a choice and are greatly humbled that you chose us!
Thank You from all of us at Sew Girlie Inc.
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